Tim and Cheryl Stone

Tim Stone and Cheryl Whybrow were married at the Salvation Army's International Training College, London on 6th April,  1991.  Tim's parents are Salvation Army officers and, at that time, they were working as part of the Training College staff.  Tim is a Management Consultant and Cheryl, who previously worked for British Telecom for several years, is now a freelance music teacher and full-time mother.

Jasmine was born on 9th August 1995 and brought enormous joy to her family.  Sadly, she died in July 1998 after a long illness.  She has her own web page here.

Cheryl and Tim now have three more lovely children, Bradley, Zara and Elissa.  They live in Beckenham, near Bromley, Kent and worship at Bromley Temple Corps where Tim plays tuba in the band and Cheryl is a songster.  For many years Cheryl was a soprano in the International Staff Songsters, the Salvation Army's premier choir, with whom she travelled all over the world and made many recordings.  Before moving to Bromley they worshipped at the famous Regent Hall Corps in Oxford Street, London.

Bradley was born on 4th December 1998, Zara on 9th April, 2000 and Elissa was added to the family in 2006. 

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