Jasmine Amy Stone (1995-1998)

Jas (as she was often known by friends and family - it was the start of her name and also her initials, of course) was a lovely, red-headed girl.  Born to play 'Annie' she was never to have the chance - but she'd have been brilliant.  We all have very special memories - Marc recalls how she started crying every time he ever held her but also how she was a miniature version of Cheryl, always conducting while she was singing and her very presence always demanding centre-stage!

Born on 9th August 1995 in Lewisham she was walking well before her first birthday and probably singing before she walked.  She took ill shortly before a family holiday to Bournemouth in the summer of 1997.  Cheryl, Tim, Mavis and Bernard all noticed how she was not her normal self and Cheryl insisted that her doctor's pre-holiday diagnosis of 'constipation' be reconsidered upon their return home.

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The photo above shows Morgan, Jasmine and Lewis on Bournemouth beach.  None of us really knew that 2 of the children were ill when it was taken - Morgan was an undiagnosed diabetic (hence the scrawny, bruised legs) and within a week or so Jasmine had been admitted to the world famous Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children where she was ultimately diagnosed as having a neuroblastoma - a cancerous growth around her kidney. Jasmine had almost continuous treatment for the rest of her life - radiotherapy, chemotherapy, an operation to remove the diseased kidney, transfusions etc. but she died in July 1998, shortly before her third birthday.  She had always told her mum that she was 'never going to be three'.

Her funeral, in Bromley Temple SA Hall was, of course, a very difficult occasion - the hall was packed with family and friends, all with such fond memories of a lovely, brave little girl whose courage and happy smiles had inspired so many of us.  Jasmine was a gift from God, but one so precious to Him He must have needed to take her back.  What an angel she must be now!

Here are some more pictures of Jasmine.

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