Nana Hedges

Nana has always been there!  I'm 44 now (in 2007) and she has survived all my other grandparents and her father-in-law, jack - who was my great-grandad!  For most of that time she lived in St Leonards-on-sea near Hastings.  When the family first moved there from Addlestone (Surrey) they ran a guest house in Pevensey Road.  I remember that house with its many floors, rooms and especially the dumb-waiter service lift!  I even remember some of the long-tern residents who stayed there.  I used to love going to nana's because we always had pudding with custard for afters at meal-times!

Later they moved further up the hill, but still in Pevensey Rd., to the upper two floors of another house. Several other, smaller residences in the same area followed in retirement before nana moved again.  I think she must have moved three or four more times since then but had her own flat in Addlestone (near to daughters Doreen and Pauline) for several years until past her 90th birthday!  We had a big party at Addlestone Salvation Army Corps for this occasion where all the family got together and formed a brass band and choir - then put on an evening's entertainment for the public!

Nana currently lives with Doreen but spends lots of time with both her other daughters, often coming for extended stays with Jean as well.

The picture left is one of my favourites - showing both Nana and Ieuan looking very, very happy.  Below is one of Nana with Jean, Eira and Luke - 4 generations of the family.















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