Nana and Grandad Hedges

Charles John Hedges was born in Addlestone in 1914.  His father, Jack Hedges (d. circa 1980 in Southampton) worked for Ford in Dagenham, Southampton and America and Charles's profession was book-binding.  He married Beatrice Bessie Voice (1916 - ) in Addlestone Salvation Army in January, 1936 .  Bessie was a Salvationist with strong Army roots and Charles became one too .  In his childhood Charles had been fortunate to survive polio and this left him with a lifetime of slight disability, having to wear odd size boots as one leg was considerably longer than the other.  He always walked with a slight limp.  Bessie's father Edward Voice was the Corps Sergeant-Major in Addlestone Corps abut her mother died when Bessie was only three.  Edward married again. Bessie had 7 brothers and sisters, Horace, Reg, Ron, Bernard and Bramwell who died in infancy, Olive and Phyllis.  Nana and Grandad Hedges were married for over 40 years.  Grandad died from leukaemia in 1984.  Nana celebrated her 91st birthday in January 2007.  She now lives with daughter Doreen near Addlestone and is still very active, attending Salvation Army events several times each week!

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(nana and grandad on a particularly windy day)


Below is a photograph of Bessie's brother Ron's wedding to Pearl from around 1946. Pearl died after a long illness in 2006. (click to enlarge)



Horace is far left, Nana (Bessie) is 4th left, Edward Voice, Bernard., Ron, Pearl (successively towards right).  Far right is Reg and his wife Edie, Grandad (Charles), Olive.

On the front row Jean is second left, Doreen 3rd right and Mrs. Voice 2nd right (seated).


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Nana (Bessie) with her three daughters on Jean's 50th birthday, 1990


Charles and Bessie were blessed with three daughters:

Doreen (1937 - )  to be updated

Jean (1940 - ) married Captain Ken Harry in December 1961 at Hastings Citadel and they served as Salvation Army officers until retirement in 1993.  Their children are Marc, Eira and Ruth.

Pauline (1944 - ) to be updated

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