Morgan Harry

Morgan Owen Harry was born on July 16th, 1991.








            The changing face of Morgan Owen Harry.

1.  Playing with 'Methuselah'   2.  With Lewis overlooking The Lizard in Cornwall  3.  A School photo from Lyndhurst Junior.  4.   In Pompey shirt on another Cornish holiday . 5. Smiling hard!


Four pics of the boys on holiday in Wales and London - Summer 2006. 

1.. Outside 'Buck House'  2.  Dr Who country!  3. Caerphilly Castle   4. Barry Island (and below)



Morgan became a Senior Soldier in December 2005.  Here he is outside our house in Torrington Rd with his new uniform and cap.  He now plays 2nd cornet with the Band, sings tenor and plays drums for the Songsters and also drums for the Singing Company (junior choir)











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