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Hello,  I'm Morgan and I love GREEN!  I also love football, James Bond films, Carry On films, Dad's Army and Red Dwarf.  I also like anything Egyptian.  I live in Portsmouth with my mum, dad and brothers, Lewis and baby Ieuan.

I am in Year 8 at St Luke's School where my dad used to be the Head of Music .  I play 2nd cornet in the YP Band at the Army and sing alto with the Singing Company.

In 1998, just after we moved to our new house, the doctors found out I was a diabetic and I had to go to hospital.  Now I have to have 2 injections a day - yuck!  I also had appendicitis 2 years ago - Rick Wakeman sent me a get well message!

Here is a picture of me and Lewis with our cousins Bradley and Zara.

all42.jpg (54468 bytes)  and this is me with Zara mz4.jpg (15294 bytes) 

ml2.JPG (67956 bytes)

This is Lewis and me one Christmas by our tree.


As you will see, I rarely sit still - I'd rather be out kicking a football or whacking things with a stick - when I was one year old I broke my arm - you can see my plaster in this picture

BABY MORGANb.jpg (48819 bytes)

and in this one of me and Lewis at school I have a black eye!

MO AND LEW 98b.jpg (33980 bytes)


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