David (Dai) Brinkworth

Nana Harry's brother David was known to the family as Dai.  He was the 2nd brother killed at sea during WWII. He was just 21 years old.

You will notice the strong family resemblance (c.f. photos of young Ken and Peter in particular).

Dai and his brother Billy were Salvationists at Grangetown Corps in Cardiff and a plaque was placed in the Salvation Army Hall there in memory of them - as is standard practice.

Shortly before he died Dai sent home to his family a poem he had written:





picture courtesy of www.yourtotalevent.com



Old Herman the German is hard to determine

What havoc and panic his aircraft can do,

But when they cross over from Calais to Dover

Our Spitfires just pot  'em at nine  'planes to two.


Herr Hitler is fumin' and says we're not human

To blast all his factories inside Berlin Town,

He thinks we are wicked and not playing cricket

'Cos Siemens and other big works are knocked down.


He even asked Churchill if his wishes he'd fulfil

To allow sixty-four ships approach our coast,

But the answer to that came back quick and pat

"Our Navy, with gravy, will give 'em the roast".


Old Muzzy is dizzy now our aircraft are busy

On targets that lie in his land on the Med.,

Fiats and Caproni are like macaroni

All stringy and twisted in ashes of red.


His Fleet quickly scatter at the first sound or shatter

That comes from the guns of our men-o'-war,

Like their pal of a Jerry they turn in a hurry

When faced with the Lion just starting to roar.


H.M.S. "Galatea" 7/9/40.                   "Acme"