Peter Harry

Of all my 'uncles' I guess I have had more contact with Peter through the years than most.  Peter is, of course, the youngest Harry brother and is, therefore nearest to my age (in fact we have been mistaken for brothers several times).  I asked him to be best man at my wedding, for which I am grateful, of course (see below right).

Peter himself has been married three times.  Firstly to Pam (nee Belt), with whom he had daughters Beverley and Joanne.  Later he had a short marriage to Diane and he has latterly found happiness again with his third wife Mary (nee Bollom) whom he married in 198*.  (The picture above is from Bev's  birthday party showing Peter and Pam with Bev and cousin Janet)

Peter has had various jobs including several stints in the car manufacturing industry (he also worked for GKN in Cardiff) but his trade is, like brother Ken, a pattern-maker. Mary was a Salvation Army officer prior to her marriage and has worked in a non-officer capacity for the SA since the wedding, most recently in Worcester, where they live with daughter Rachel.   

Beverley (now known as Bev) married Neil Jones and they live in Cardiff. Their sons are called Christopher and Gareth.  Last I head Bev was a grandmother - I guess I must get this info updated!

Joanne Harry (she's kept her maiden name) is married to Richard Sewell and has three children, Tesni (1999), Macs (2001) and Cybi (2004). Joanne is now known usually as Jo, the family live in Barry, S Wales.  Jo was a child TV star, taking part in a series of the BBC children's show 'Why Don't You...'

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