Trevor Harry (and family)

Trevor is my dad's eldest (surviving) brother, born in 1933. He married Ivy Bailey in 195*   and they had 3 children - Janet (b 1958), Graham (b 1960) and Brian (b 1969). Sadly, Ivy died in March 2007.

Trevor and Ivy lived in Bargoed, South Wales and he was an electrician by trade.  (He is also left-footed/handed I seem to remember)

In the picture (left) Trevor is wearing the white Salvation Army uniform he wore during his service in Singapore and holding a cornet.  However, he was much more regularly a trombonist.

Janet married Jed Sutcliffe and they have 2 children - Gareth (1981) and Georgia (1996)

Graham married Jayne and they have 2 sons David (b 1984) and Owain (b 1986).  They live in *

Brian married Katherine and they have 2 daughters, Lauren (b 1992) and Jessica (b 1994).  They live in ***

Both Janet and Graham's families live near to Trevor & Ivy in South Wales.

There are 2 more photos of Trevor on the Stuart Hall Corps page.