Marilyn & Emrys Watts


After their wedding in Cardiff Marilyn & Emrys entered the International Training College to become Salvation Army officers.  They served for several years in Social Centres in London, Liverpool and Belfast before leaving the Army and looking after a boy's home in Darlaston, near Wolverhampton.  One of the factors in my growing up to become a committed Christian was the respect I had for  this couple - who I would have to admit were my favourite aunty and uncle.

I was devastated when they left the church - after all Aunty Marilyn's influence on me as a young Christian had been vaster than she could ever know.  I prayed for many years they might rediscover their faith and I rejoice when almost twenty years later they did.  Sadly, I discovered only recently that it has been lost again and I am very sad about that...but I still pray.

They have two children, Adrian, who works in the entertainment business as General Manger of 'Rejects Revenge'.  I have not had contact with him since the week of my father's death in 2002 but I believe he is having a 'civil partnership' this year with his partner.

and Claire, who married Andy Neale in 2006.