Gwen Husson

For many years they ran a photographic shop and studio in Llandrindod Wells, Mid-Wales.  They were also Salvation Army envoys and looked after several small SA corps including Merthyr Tydfil and Aberystwyth.  Later they ran Dragon Pottery.  Sadly, Gwen and Ernie were later divorced and she returned to Cardiff to live in Llanederyn.  I remember Ernie's parent well - Grandad Harry used to pick 'old Ernie' up and take him to Salvation Army meetings at Cardiff Cathays Corps and I recall one Sunday morning service when I was a very small boy (probably just 5 or 6 years old) when both men spoke in the meeting (Salvationist meetings often have opportunities for 'testimonies' - a chance for Salvationists to share experiences with the rest of the congregation).  Ernie's mother, Cassie, used to visit Nana Harry regularly, coming round to Templeton Avenue on her little moped.

Gwen's wedding

left to right - incomplete:

Ivy, I think it is Ivy's father BM Bailey behind her, Dorothy, ?, Ann, Owen, Peter, Gwen snr. (nana), Ernie Husson snr., Ernie, Ken -who conducted the wedding - , Gwen, Arthur (grandad), Cassie Husson, Marilyn, Trevor, Pam, ?, Gwyneth, (? behind Gwyneth), Jean - holding Marc), ?, ? (presumably Cardiff Cathays commanding officers)

Front: Graham (with hands in pockets), Janet, (may be Sara?), Beverley.




Andrea (1964 - ) married Geoff Hopkins in 1993 and they live in London with their daughter Jordan (1997 - )

June is married to Andrew Morley - they live in Llandrindod Wells and they have 2 children called Luke (1990 - ) and Gillian (1996 - ). 

Caryl Ann (1968 - ) is now Caryl Ann Chambers, has 2 children, Luke (1988 - ) and Zack (1990 - ) and they are living in Cardiff. 

Sian (1973 - ) and her partner Andy live in Bristol - she is a prison officer.