Grandma and Grandad Whybrow and Nana

Now THIS is a story!  Heather's Grandad, Leonard Whybrow married Marion Neesom and they had two children - Brian and Heather's dad, BernardBrian was never a well child and he died, aged 5 from heart problems.  Marion herself died three years later. 

Just before this tragedy Marion's brother Ralph (1902-41) had also died, along with his son Stuart (1934-41) during a WWII bombing.  Ralph had married Marjorie Scarlett in 1933, the family living in Bradford, then Hull

United by their shared losses Leonard Whybrow and Marjorie Neesom married in 1943.  They served for many years as Salvation Army officers reaching the rank of Brigadier.  Homes included Bradford, Glasgow, Dundee, Wood Green, Tottenham, Harrow, Manchester, Ilford and Belfast, before they retired to Ipswich in 1971.  Bernard gained three new brothers and sisters, Angela, Michael and Sheena.


Angela (1945 - ) has never married.  She has a son called Robin (1968 - ) and is a piano teacher living in Ipswich.

Michael (1947 - ) married Jean Malcolm  in Manchester in 1967. They have three children Martin (1967 - ), Nigel (1970 - ) & Emma (1973 - )   Michael and Jean are active Salvationists at Norwich Citadel:  Jean's business 'Bandbox' has made thousands of SA uniforms around the world while Michael is kept more than busy being bass trombonist and Band Secretary with the Norwich Citadel Band, one of the best SA bands in the UK. Martin is in the Horse Guards and lives in London.  His first marriage, to Melonie, was unsuccessful and he is now very happily married, to Miranda.  They have a daughter, Allegra - a fittingly musical name for the daughter of a professional musician, I think!

Nigel lives with his partner and a son called Rudi and Emma married in 2006 (and they are currently expecting their first child).

Sheena (1950 - ) married Howard Cheadle in Wood Green in 1967.  Their children were  Gavin (1971 - ) & Tanya (1974 - ) but Sheena and Howard divorced later.  Sheena was married again, to Nigel Brown (198?)  but this marriage also ended in divorce later.

Marjorie, or Nana Whybrow lived on her own in Ipswich until recently when she moved into a home nearer son Michael in Norwich.  She is quite disabled now but always has a positive and lively outlook on life!

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